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    2. History

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      In January 1999, Nanjing Sanchao Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. was established, with a registered capital of RMB510 thousand yuan


      In October 2002, company moved to Shangfang Town,  Jiangning District, Nanjing


      In April 2004, the registered capital increased to 4 million 10 thousand yuan


      In May 2005, company moved to the production base of Tuqiao Town, Jiangning District, Nanjing


      In December 2011, the introduction of the Wansheng venture capital


      In March 2014, in Economic Development Zone, Jurong, Jiangsu, the establishment of wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Sanchao Diamond tools Co., Ltd.


      In July 2014, the introduction of Zhenjiang partners and other venture capital


      In December 2014, the system was restructured into joint-stock company, and the registered capital increased to 39 million yuan


      In June 2016, a wholly owned subsidiary of SCD was established in Yokohama, Japan


      In November 2016, Jiangsu Sanchao Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. was delivered for the first time


      In April 2017, sucessfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM , realised A-Share listed


      In June 2017, the registered capital increased to 52 million yuan


      In June 2017, Jiangsu Sanchao registered capital increased to 140 million yuan


      In October 2018, the registered capital increased to 93.6 million yuan

      In September 2019, Jiangsu Sanchao registered capital increased to 240 million yuan

      In December 2021, Jiangsu Sanjing Semiconductor Materials, Co., Ltd. is established, a holding subsidiary of Nanjing Sanchao with an investment of 8 million USD

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